Superconductivity (IMPRS-UFAST focus)

Michael Sentef



This course covers the basic phenomenology and microscopic theory of superconductivity:

- definition of superconductors and their thermodynamics

- microscopic BCS theory: electron-phonon interaction, Fröhlich Hamiltonian, Cooper instability, mean-field
theory, Bogoliubons

Possible additional topics, depending on audience’s interests:

Josephson effects

strong-coupling theory
(Migdal-Eliashberg-Gor’kov theory)
- requires basic knowledge of Feynman diagrams

- high-temperature superconductors

General Data

  • Abbreviation
    I-UF Super
  • Semester
    winter semester 17/18
  • Target Groups
    participation only if creditable in your major subject
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  • Departments
    MIN Graduate School > MPI for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter

Place and Time

  • Place
    CFEL, Geb. 99, DESY SemRmV (01.109)
  • Time
    from 20/11/2017 to 24/11/2017 from 14:30 to 17:30

Recognition Modalities

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  • Amount of Credit Points
  • Creditable as
    • MIN doctoral program: research related for IMPRS-UFast

Registration Modalities

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    First come - first served (after the registration has been received)
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    IMPRS-UFAST fellows will be given priority.
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