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In this very minute we got informed, that both speakers are sick and we thus have to postpone until april!

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Get inspired by a team of Planet A Ventures and tackle the world‘s largest environmental problems. Together with doctoral researchers from the Business school and from the MIN-faculty we would like to inspire you to make your research more impactful to save our world.

Also meet and match with doctoral researchers interested in entrepreneurship from the other areas of the Universität Hamburg! Enjoy snacks and drinks afterwards

About Planet A: We provide early stage funding and mentoring to highly scalable green tech companies – while measuring and forecasting the positive environmental impact of a start-up as our central metric of success.

We believe in close collaboration of entrepreneurs and scientists to change our economy for the better of our planet.

Without scientific insight, even the best entrepreneurs are ignorant of the true ecological impact of their business.

This is why we have a full-fledged scientific team committed to calculating Life Cycle Assessments: this allows us to not only evaluate the GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions involved, but also to determine plastic, water, and land use footprints. Our approach provides entrepreneurs with the insight to scientifically quantify, visualize and forecast the environmental effects of their product or service.

This knowledge empowers founders to make sustainable and strategic decisions. Such knowledge also allows investors to understand the impact of every Euro they have invested into early-stage start-ups.

Who Talks:

Fridtjof Detzner

Fridtjof founded his first company in 1999 at the age of 16: In 2007 it became Jimdo, a website construction kit which enabled more than 25 million people to create their own website. In 2017 he shot a ten-part TV documentary with “Deutsche Welle”: The idea was simple: travel 120 days through 10 Asian countries and choose one of the 17 UN sustainability goals.

What sounded nice at first turned out to be a life changing event for him.

After this trip, he decided to invest his time and resources solely in startups that are doing significantly better than today's economy. Together with like-minded people, he founded Planet A Ventures in 2020, where they provide venture capital to scientists and founders to work on an economy within planetary boundaries.

Dr. Benedict Buchspies

* I grew up in Darmstadt (DE)

* Studied BSc. Environmental Engineering at TU Darmstadt (DE) and MSc. Env. Studies at TU Hamburg (DE), Autonomous University of Barcelona (ES) and University of Aveiro (PT): Joint MSc. Degree, Spent times at alle these Universities + 1 Semester at NTNUTrondheim (NO)

* PhD in Environmental Engineering from University of Utrecht (NL), Topic: Sustainabiltiy assessment of alternative fuels, mainly LCA biofuels and other alternative fuels and transportation technologies

* 1 Year postdoc position at TU Hamburg before joining Planet A

* Work:

- Research assistant at TU Hamburg

- Consultant at IE Leipzig: LCA of biofuels, energy consulting),

- Consultant at Verbio AG: LCA of biofuels

- Env. Manager at Boecker GmbH: implementation of an environmental management system in a production site in Guatemala and South Africa, supply chain management of the overall supply chain

* I currently life in Hamburg, I cycle a lot and for very long distances and I like climbing

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