Preparing for the PhD defence (IMPRS-UFAST skills course)

Alexander Woelke



In this workshop participants have the opportunity to strategically engage with the upcoming oral examination. They develop individual strategies for preparing themselves and learn techniques so they can direct the discussion even at critical points.

• What are must-haves and what are nice-to-haves during the presentation

• Selecting topics: What do I have to consider when choosing my examination subjects?

• Self and time management in the preparatory phase

• The optimal presentation: How do I present myself and my work?

• The show must go on! Dealing with nerves and difficult situations in discussions.

General Data

  • Abbreviation
    I-UF Defence
  • Semester
    winter semester 16/17
  • Target Groups
    General Academic Skills
  • Course Type
  • Course Language
  • Departments
    MIN Graduate Center > MPI for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter

Place and Time

  • Place
    CFEL, Geb. 99, Campus Bahrenfeld SemRm IV
  • Time
    from 09/02/2017 to 10/02/2017 from 09:00 to 17:00

Recognition Modalities

  • Number of Semester Hours
  • Amount of Credit Points
  • Creditable as
    • MIN doctoral program: key skills for all major subjects

Registration Modalities

  • Type of Place Allocation
    First come - first served (after the registration has been received)
  • Information about Registration
    Fellows from IMPRS UFAST will be given priority.
  • Max. Number of Participants