Intermediate C++ for PhD students (IMPRS-UFAST skills course)

Soeren Nielsen



The ideal programming language for a physicist would allow him
to write his code in terms of physical objects, like Hamiltonians
and wave functions, with all the properties we expect of such objects,
without sacrificing performance to highly optimised codes.

In this C++ intermediate course, you will build a template library
to make this possible for the simple case of one electron on a 1D grid.

The skills learned will also let you easily structure even large programs,

and prepare yourself to build for example MultiDimensionalArray,
Tensor and GridFunction classes, approaching standard library quality,
and with the natural syntax one would expect of such classes.

Familiarity with basic C++ is assumed, for example from the previous IMPRS C++ course for beginners.

General Data

  • Abbreviation
    I-UF IC++
  • Semester
    summer semester 17
  • Target Groups
    participation only if creditable in your major subject
  • Course Type
  • Course Language
  • Departments
    MIN Graduate Center > MPI for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter

Place and Time

  • Place
    CFEL, Geb. 99, Campus Bahrenfeld SemRmV (01.109)
  • Time
    from 21/06/2017 weekly Wednesdays to 26/07/2017 from 14:00 to 17:00
    except Mittwoch 26.07.2017
  • Place
    CFEL, Geb. 99, Campus Bahrenfeld SemRmV (01.109)
  • Time
    at 25/07/2017 from 14:00 to 16:00

Recognition Modalities

  • Number of Semester Hours
  • Amount of Credit Points
  • Creditable as
    • MIN doctoral program: key skills for all major subjects

Registration Modalities

  • Type of Place Allocation
    First come - first served (after the registration has been received)
  • Information about Registration
    IMPRS-UFAST fellows will be given priority.
  • Max. Number of Participants