Nachhaltiges Forschungsdatenmanagement

Dr. Juliane Jacob



Liebe Teilnehmenden,

hier eine kurze Erinnerung an den FDM-Workshop übernächste Woche Dienstag und Mittwoch.

Über Ihr Interesse freue ich mich, sollte dies nicht mehr aktuell sein, bitte ich um eine kurze Absage.

Herzlichen Dank und freundliche Grüße
Juliane Jacob

Announcement created on: 06/02/2023 12:02


• Presentation of the Center for sustainable Research Management Universität Hamburg and brief overview of relevant services
• Basic terms and definitions of research data
• Research Data Lifecycle
• Data Management Plan
• Order and structure
• Documentation and metadata
• Storage and backup
• Long-term archiving
• Publication of research data
• Reuse of research data (FAIR principles, CC-licenses)
• Research Data Policies
• Legal Aspects
The aim is to create awareness of the challenges in dealing with research data and to identify possible solutions.

General Data

  • Abbreviation
    WiSo-Nachhaltiges FDM
  • Semester
    winter semester 22/23
  • Target Groups
    WiSo doctoral study program
  • Course Type
  • Course Language
  • Departments
    Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences

Place and Time

  • Place
    Von Melle Park 9 Raum A514
  • Time
    at 21/02/2023 from 10:00 to 15:00
  • Place
    Von Melle Park 9 Raum A510
  • Time
    at 22/02/2023 from 10:00 to 15:00

Recognition Modalities

  • Number of Semester Hours
  • Amount of Credit Points
  • Creditable as
    • WiSo doctoral program: WiSo methods for Economics
    • WiSo doctoral program: WiSo methods for Social Economics
    • WiSo doctoral program: WiSo methods for Social Siences

Registration Modalities

  • Type of Place Allocation
    Manual Place Allocation (after the registration deadline)
  • Information about Registration
  • Max. Number of Participants