Academic Writing: How to write a lot and how to publish what you write

Prof. Dr. Elvira Rosert



Contents and objectives

For researchers, writing is a critical ability and a 
main task. And yet, many of us struggle to write regularly, to write as much as
we want to, and to meet deadlines. In addressing these challenges, this class
aims at demystifying the writing process, identifying and overcoming barriers
to writing, and enabling the participants to develop strategies how to become
effective – and less unhappy – writers. In addition, we will discuss how to
design research projects (PhD and post-PhD) that might result in several
visible publications, and how (and when) to publish the results of your
research (in peer-reviewed journals and elsewhere).

Suggested readings:

Silvia, Paul J. 2007:
How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing.

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